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DJ, producer, label manager and sampling guru, Max Fader aka S3A draws strength in diversity. Experimenting music from House to Techno through Hip Hop and Soul Music, he multiplies projects and cultivates a style that is now internationally recognized.

From his Techno collaboration with Zadig (Friendship Connection) to his House and Hip Hop moniker (Sampling As An Art), this passionate artist, with a deep sense of groove, built over time an eclectic and inspired discography. His productions on prestigious labels like Lazare Hoche Records, Hold Youth, Local Talk and Phonogramme Records brought him the favors of Concrete, where he now runs a residency. Then he got closer to Laurent Garnier, especially with his remix of “Dinosaurs are Gone”, which led him to take over the Rex Club as his new hideout. His energetic and sharpened DJ and live sets confirmed his stronghold on the dancefloors.

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